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How Did It All Start.

     Music has always been a passion of mine. I remember as a little child sitting on the kitchen floor looking up at the radio which was on the counter, listing to CFOR, the local radio station in Orillia.

It was just before lunch when the announcer said "Put the kettle on honey, I'm coming home. The voice of Rusty Draper caught my attention.  

One Halloween evening I entered my name in the spook-tackular contest. After going trick-o-treating with my dad, I entered the house and went right to the kitchen and sat down. Dad turned up the radio so we could hear if any of our names might  be called in the spook-tackular contest. All of a sudden the voice from the radio said " the next winner of the spook-tackular contest and if you can hear me, if you are at home Rudy Fernandes, can you call us at the radio station.

I must have jumped higher than Michael Jorden at that moment. With all the excitement in me I turned to Dad and Mom and said. I WON, I WON!! Dad quickly called CFOR. The radio host at the moment asked if I can come to the radio station and collect my prize. I said to him I will be right there.  I quickly hung up the phone, opened the door and ran to the radio station. I went in the radio station and said my name is Rudy Fernandes and I am here to pick up my prize Sir. I do not know who handed me my prize, but I did thank him.

I was so thankful for the Prize. It was a stack of 45's. Ever since that day I started to collect music on 45's or LP. It was in high school when a school mate Russ Jackson and I DJ-ed our high school grade 9 dance at Guardian Angels School and it was a success. Eventually as an entrepreneur I started my own D.J. Service.

To this day I enjoy programming and mixing different genre styles, blending, beat mixing them to fit like a hand and glove.

Rudy Fernandes (D.J. Rudy) 


                                                                                                                                                                                                               D.J. Rudy                                                   Rusty Draper - The Voice of CFOR   

        Owner of Rudy's D.J, Service                     Put the kettle on Honey, I'm coming home 

                                                                            The radio idol that gave me the inspiration to D.J. 


About Rudy's D.J. Service

      We recognize the importance of making your event a success. That is why I provide a high standard of excellent service. I am easy going, professional and extremely punctual. Past customers have told me that they were pleased that I was so interactive with clear MC Skills. As a Professional D.J. I take pride in my ability to play music of different genres, read the crowd, and conduct activities. I pay attention to detail with a personal touch that results in a great night for everyone.                                                                                        Rudy's D.J. Service has been servicing Orillia, Barrie, Muskoka and all of Cottage Country with success over the last decade

                                                         Wedding Receptions  -   Corporate Events -  School Dances

Christmas Parties - New Years Eve Dances 

Jack & Jill's / Buck & Doe's Boat Cruises - Bars & Clubs

Party Theme Events - Car Shows - Celebration Of Live

                                                                                                         Rudy Fernandes (D.J. Rudy)



What is a professional DJ Service? 

       A professional DJ does a lot more than just play one song after another. They have the experience to not only play appropriate music for an event, but also act as an MC, sound technician, music programmer and as an event coordinator. A professional DJ is someone that works in this industry because they have a love of music and enjoy performing. 

Why hire a professional DJ service?  

     You have planned for this day for many years, its a day that you will remember for the rest of your lives and you have only one chance to get it right. Some DJ's only perform in this industry as an extra source of income and basically look at your event as they would any other event.

This is not the case with Weddings, they require special planning and each Wedding is different, so we treat every function differently. Different people have different needs and these needs have to be taken into consideration.

Every function differs in one-way or another. and we want to perform based on the clients needs.  Equipment is another critical issue that should be addressed when looking for a DJ.  We use professional sound and lighting equipment. If it is not a standard in the industry, Rudy's D.J. Service will not use it.

Our Customers say they hire us for the following reasons

  • Our Service uses top end professional sound and lighting equipment.
  • We know how important your event is and all of the small details that mean so much to you.
  • Presentation and dedication to quality are important skills that make our service worth hiring.
  • We provide you with the perfect music for your event and we will customize it according to your 
  • Tastes and needs.
  • We know its important for your event to always exceed your expectations.
  • Interactive games and contests to get your guest participating are available.
  • We constantly strive to make every event a lasting, memory for you, your family, and your guests
  • Many people say how their guest had a fantastic experience.  

Hits from the 40's to the present

Why is music so important at your reception?                                    

     It's been proven over and over again that the thing your guests will remember most about your reception is the entertainment.  Its the last thing they hear before they go home and they will remember how good the music was or wasn't so it's important to us that the music is pre planned for optimum results. 

What is a music consultation? 

     A music consultation is when we sit down with you and discuss your plans for the entertainment at your Wedding. Your consultation will usually take place long before your wedding date. At this time Rudy's D.J. Service would ask that you have all of your special requests ready and main songs chosen.

50's, and 60's Rock & Roll, 70's & 80's Classic Rock, 80's and 90's Retro, Dance, Top 40, Electronic Dance Music,Country,Alternative, Rock, Disco, Soca, Hip-Hop, Motown, R&B, Blues, Big Band, Jazz, Wedding  Ceremony Music.